Sightseeing: All Kansai

sakura cherry blossom

As of the end of April, cherry blossoms are gone in Kansai. Takahiro Bessho 別所隆弘さん(@takahiro_bessho)が投稿した写真 – 2016 3月 19 6:20午前 PDT Lake Biwa Canal and Keage Incline, Keage Higashiyama, Kyoto La [...]

banpaku koen

(This is a past event)


(This is a past event)


Seishun Juhachi Pass allows five days unlimited use of local train (not express) for the nationwide network of Japan Railways. This is sold both to Japanese and foreign visitors. Five days validity ca [...]

nintoku ryo

The map below shows the locations of 124 tombs of Japan’s emperors in history. The first Emperor Jimmu dates back more than 2500 years and the 124th emperor Showa passed away 24 years ago, and a [...]