Sightseeing: Kyoto

Despite the fact that Japanese people usually buy fresh food at a nearby supermarket where things are sold in packages and paid at a cash desk, Nishiki Market survives as one of the very few examples […]

Katsura Imperial Villa was constructed in 17th century as the detached palace for Hachijo-no-Miya Imperial family. There are some wooden buildings in a beautiful garden surrounded by woods. Thanks to […]

Wheelchair users can travel in Kyoto by the city bus and visit major temples for sightseeing. Old temple buildings made from wood are not originally accessible for wheelchairs but they installed ramps […]

Geisha in Gion


Kyoto is famous for 300-year-old Geisha tradition. There are about 250 Geishas in Kyoto city – they are popularly called Geiko and Maiko in Kyoto – and 100 of them are registered in Gion, […]