Sightseeing: Seasonal Events

Each spring the geisha community of Gion in Kyoto puts on a spectacular dance known as the Miyako Odori. Shows are held several times a day throughout April at the Gion Kobu Kaburenjo. Timed to coinci […]

Sumo wrestlers exercise in the morning at each clan’s house and some clans allow visitors to enter the house. In the fourth week in February, the sumo clans move to Osaka and wrestlers can be spotted […]

Sumo, it is a simple form of wrestling in which two contestants grapple with each other wearing nothing but a mawashi loincloth. A wrestler wins a bout by forcing his opponent out of the ring, or by m […]

Ukai, a traditional fishing method using cormorant, is demonstrated to tourists during summer season. There are twelve such shows across Japan and you can enjoy two of them in Kyoto, one in Uji and th […]

As of the end of April, cherry blossoms are gone in Kansai. Takahiro Bessho 別所隆弘さん(@takahiro_bessho)が投稿した写真 – 2016 3月 19 6:20午前 PDT Lake Biwa Canal and Keage Incline, Keage Higashiyama, Kyoto La […]

Bunraku is a classic theatrical art using puppets. A half life-sized puppet with elaborate costume is manipulated by three puppeteers to make a fluid move and express amazingly various emotions of a c […]

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(This is a past event.)

This is a past event.

(This is a past event)