Eiko Yukawa (New!)

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Hello, I’m Eiko Yukawa. I’m a teacher at junior high school. I live in Itami, Hyogo Prefecture with my daughter, son and husband.

I like mountain-hiking and taking pictures of beautiful scenes. This summer I climbed one of Japanese Alps Mountains. That was exciting. And I like cooking using natural ingredients. Nowadays I’m interested in appreciation of Noh (a classical Japanese stage art).

When I traveled, I always visited not only famous sightseeing places but also local markets, festivals and events. And I tried to communicate with local people. This is because I could know the people’s daily life in that country. I could notice their hurtful hospitality and have a wonderful time.

I really love sharing the wonderful moments with someone. I’d like to help you enjoy traveling and have memorable experiences in Japan. And also I hope I want to know about various culture and lives in many countries. I’m looking forward to meeting you in Kansai.