Satoshi Kumagai(new!)

I am , based in , , available on , , and speak .

2 (1)Hi I’m Satoshi , please call me “sato”
I live in shiga prefecture.
I’m working as quality quality assurance.
In my free time,I like playing basketball.
I like Japanese local foods.
Ramen,okonomiyaki,japanese curry, tonkatsu,sushi…etc.

I want to support your traveling.
If you are interested in Shiga and kyoto ,please ask me!
Especially, Shiga is my hometown.
There are many good sightseeing spots in shiga.
For example ,Hikone castle,Kurokabe Square (also known as “Kurokabe” )
Ishiyama-dera temple、Hieizan Enryakuji temple.
Also I can guide in kyoto.

I will do my best to your request.
I’m looking forward to meeting you!