Majority of hotels provide free Wi-Fi internet access for their guests, but there aren’t many public Wi-Fi spots outside the hotel. It’s available at the airport, stations, and bus stops listed below.

Kansai International Airport

SSID: FreeWiFi@KIX (provider’s website)

JR-West Free Wi-Fi

SSID: JR-WEST_FREE_Wi-Fi (provider’s website)
The service starts on July 1, 2013. You have to get the access code before coming to Japan. Wi-Fi is available at major JR stations in Kansai.

Kyoto Wi-Fi

bus station wi-fi
Not all bus stations but one with the electric powered display has the Wi-Fi service.

SSID: KYOTO_WiFi01 (provider’s website)
Bus stops for the Kyoto City Bus are the access points.

Kyoto Shijo street

SSID: shijo-0123456789 (provider’s website (Japanese language))
Shijo street is Kyoto’s main street in downtown. You can use on the street and shops alongside.


SSID: at_STARBUCKS_Wi2 (provider’s website)
They have more than 10 locations in Kyoto city and much more in Osaka.