Please check Terms and Conditions and complete “Request Form” below and submit your request to us. Detailed information might improve provability of matching you and our guide.

1. According to our own gourp policy, our guide does NOT receive any SERVICE FEE or TIPS. As for the cost incured by each guiding activity, if you choose Experienced Guide, you shall pay for cost incurred by the Experienced Guide for guiding service including transportation, admission, food and drink. If you choose Novice Guide, the Novice Guide pays for own cost for guiding service.2. Please be careful that repeated requests sent to us shall be deemed as SPAM and deleted from our database.

Request Form

    Experienced(No fee, Expenses for guide service reimbursed by GUEST)Novice(No fee, Expenses for guide service paid by GUIDE)


    Guide Type

    We have two different types of free guide and each type will (not) ask you to pay expenses for guiding as follows:

    Novice/Entirely Free
    A man and woman who has newly become our member of our guide team, or who has no or little experiences of guiding, less knowledgable about the site(s) you will visit, history and culture. Needs more experiences to improve his or her performance as guide. So you don’t have to pay anything. They can even direct you to places you want to visit and help you with translation, but not inform a lot about sites, buildings, and their history.
    Experienced/Expenses Reimbursed
    Most of our guides are in this type. They can explain the places you visit and history, culture, society or other aspects regarding our country you are interested in better than the Free guides do. You cover the guide’s expenses such as public transportation fees incurred on and after meeting the guest at the appointed meeting place and on and before the point when guide leave guest after guiding completed and admissions to tourist sites,including food and drink cost of the guide. Still, this type of guide pays own public transportation fees incurred on and before meeting the guest at the agreed meeting place and on and after leaving Guest.

    Choose your guide

    Select a guide from our Local Guide List based on their specialty, availability, and languages. Copy their name onto the request form or leave it blank for us to assign an available guide. If your chosen guide is unavailable, a substitute may be provided.