We, VisitKansai is a volunteer group of local guides who love Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe, Himeji, and other cities in Kansai region. We are not professionals, but we have passion and knowledge. Our members are from various ages and backgrounds, such as students, housewives, and office workers. We want to interact with foreign travelers and share the attractions of the Kansai region. Some of our us have guide qualifications, but they also guide with no reward to enhance their skills.
Our guide service is easy to use. You can choose your favorite guide from our website. Find the guide that suits your preferences and send a request via our Request Form. Once the guide approves, you can receive a local guide. You can also cancel, but please contact the guide beforehand.
We have handled more than 1000 travelers and had a good time with them. You can see their feedback and photos on our website and social media. We have been featured in overseas media for promoting tourism in the Kansai region.  We have an alliance with AEON Corporation, one of the leading English conversation teaching companies in Japan.
We want to show you the wonderfulness of the Kansai region. It is a treasure trove of Japanese history and culture. There are many attractive cities and things to enjoy. We will provide you with the best travel experience and support you to make your trip unforgettable.
We believe that VisitKansai is your best travel partner. Let’s enjoy the Kansai region together!

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If you’re looking for a guide in VisitKansai.com, please go to appropriate Request Form and do not use this form. Any guide requests sent via this contact form are ignored.

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