2nd February, 2016

VisitKansai announced today that it has reached an agreement with AEON Corporation, one of the major English conversation teaching companies in Japan, related to AEON Corporation’s development and release of a volunteer guide training course. The two entities, who are aiming to strengthen their businesses through their shared knowledge, decided that:

  1. VisitKansai is to support AEON Corporation in developing an “English Course for Volunteer Guides” that will be marketed in the Kansai area, including Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, and Kobe.
  2. AEON Corporation is to support VisitKansai’s volunteer guide recruitment by providing graduates of the English Course for Volunteer Guides.

The English Course for Volunteer Guides held in 2015 in the Tokyo area by AEON Corporation is to be introduced to and localized for the Kansai area. VisitKansai is to oversee the content of the course, including lectures and the writing of a textbook. The Course for Kansai area will begin in the spring of 2016.

Graduates from the English Course for Volunteer Guides can apply to be a VisitKansai volunteer guide. AEON Corporation will provide support for the interview process held by VisitKansai. The process will begin from August 2016. This arrangement is also expected to enable VisitKansai to enhance its service quality through the recruitment of skilled volunteer guides.

VisitKansai intends to continue holding wide-ranging discussions with AEON Corporation directed towards strengthening each other’s competitiveness and supporting one another’s growth.