Warabimochi is a kind of Japanese sweet made of bracken starch. It is usually coated with toasted soybean flour and it has a jelly-like chewy texture. It is especially popular during summer season. You can try this at a Japanese cafe or you can buy at Japanese sweet shop. Why don’t you try this?

Our recommendable Japanese cafes in Kyoto famous for Warabimochi sweet are as follows:

1. Gion Tokuya

Located in Hanamikoji street, famous Kyoto geisha district of Gione. What they serve “Hon Warabimochi” (a jelly-like dough confection made from bracken starch), is created using very fine-grain starch and wasanbon sugar hand-kneaded to perfection, and served with golden brown kinako and brown sugar syrup.

Address: Gion-machi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Website: http://gion-tokuya.jp

NameGion Tokuya
AddressGion-machi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

2. Oimatsu Arashiyama

After relishing the stunning scenery of Arashiyama, why not treat yourself to traditional Warabi mochi at Oimatsu Arashiyama? This historic confectionery, established in 1908, boasts delightful Warabi mochi made from Miyazaki prefecture-sourced bracken starch, offering a soft yet chewy texture. With each serving accompanied by homemade Kuromitsu syrup and special kinako powder, you can explore a variety of flavors. Located just a 7-minute walk north of Kyoto’s Arashiyama Togetsukyo Bridge, this quaint shop is nestled near a bamboo grove path. Look for the large Noren curtain hanging at the entrance. At Oimatsu Arashiyama, each order of Warabi mochi is freshly prepared, ensuring you savor it at its finest. The shop is also renowned for its summer kanten confections, available exclusively from April 1st until early summer. These refreshing treats are perfect for hot weather and make excellent gifts or souvenirs. Be sure to visit Oimatsu Arashiyama on your Kansai trip.

NameOimatsu Arashiyama
Address20 Sagatenryuji Susukinobabacho Ukyo Ward Kyoto

3. Bunnosuke Jaya

While in Kyoto, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in nostalgic Japanese sweets at Bunnosuke Jhaya. Founded by Meiji-era Rakugo performer Katsura Bunnnosuke II, this historic tea house offers comforting treats like amazake and handmade warabi mochi to soothe your fatigue from exploring the city. Today, it continues to provide tea and traditional Japanese confections to tourists visiting the Higashiyama area around Yasaka Shrine and Kiyomizu Temple. Their popular menu items include warabi mochi and amazake, which have been offered since the establishment’s founding. True to the founder’s words, “A refined place with an unrefined atmosphere” and “A countryside within Kyoto,” these sweets provide a profound taste that evokes a sense of nostalgia and refinement. They also offer warabi mochi for souvenirs and kakigori (shaved ice) during warmer months. Bunnosuke Jhaya’s main shop can be identified by the five-storied pagoda (Yasaka Tower) near Hokan-ji Temple, and another branch is located on Kiyomizu-zaka Street. The tea house serves warabi mochi made using traditional techniques with premium ingredients, such as warabi starch from southern Kyushu and wasanbon sugar from Sanuki.

NameBunnosuke Jaya
Address373 Yasaka Kami-machi, Shimogawara-dori Higashi-iru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

4. Nakamura Toukichi Honten Byodo-in branch

Are you a matcha lover? Don’t miss out on Nakamura Tokichi Honten’s Byodo-in branch, a historic tea house offering mouthwatering matcha warabimochi! Located just a 5-minute walk from Keihan Uji Station and a 9-minute walk from JR Uji Station, this iconic tea house has branches not only in Kyoto but also in Tokyo, Osaka, and even Hong Kong. Their matcha warabimochi is a heavenly combination of rich, vibrant green tea flavor and chewy warabimochi texture, topped with a delightful brown sugar syrup. It’s an irresistible treat for matcha enthusiasts and is sure to make an eye-catching addition to your Instagram feed! At Nakamura Tokichi Honten, you can also savor Uji matcha-infused cha-soba noodles, making it an excellent choice for lunchtime. And why not treat yourself to their delectable warabimochi for dessert after your meal?

AddressRenge-5-1 Uji Kyoto

One More Thing: Yukei Salon de Thé *Now temporarily closed

This tea salon is owned by Tawaraya inn, one of the famous Japanese style hotel. A serene spot with classical music and a moss garden. It’s more modern than you might expect from the historic inn. In the converted machiya building in the18th century, alls are art-gallery white, the furniture is Danish and the shelves hold art tomes on subjects like Eames furniture and graffiti. The drinks (green tea, earl grey, coffee) are first class.

NameYukei Salon de Thé
AddressAneyakoji-dori Fuya-cho-higashi-iru Kitagawa, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

Experience the nostalgic flavors of Japanese sweets during your visit to Kyoto.
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