Welcome to my profile page of the Visit Kansai.com.

I am one of the dedicated volunteer guides, recognised for credibility by more than fifty tourlists since I initiated volunteer guiding seven years ago.   I would like to provide extensive experience and information to you visiting Japan.

First of all, I would escort you MUST places for visitors  to evoke a sense of the season, as well as distinctive places which are not listed on guidebook or course of tourist company.   In particular, I would recommend some special experiences peculiar to Japan, such as sitting meditation “zazen“, tea ceremony, Japanese cuisine “kaiseki ryori“, cooking traditional Japanese confection “wagashi“, and so on.

Secondly, I would like to share information regarding Japan, such as history, custom, food, pop-culture, business, and economy so that you can get on with your trip feeling fruitful and enjoyed.

Finally,  according to your curiosity, I would suggest recommendation plan of the rest of your trip not only in Kansai region, but all around this country.

I look forward to the tour with you soon.

Thank you.