Hi,I am Tatsuo Kojima. Call me Ted.I’m originally from Nagoya.
I’ve been living in Nishinomiya City, west of Osaka for more than thirty years.

I have business careers of a commercial banker and a real estate broker .My hobby is countless. I hope to be able to share many things with you as your tour guide.
Main hobbies are as follows ; music (piano,acousitc guitar ..still at the lower level, though), a big fan of Billy Joel,Carpenters ,Carole King,AC/DC and many other western musics, movies(esp.S.F.) in 70s and 80s,visiting churches and heritage buildings in Kansai area, cooking …Sushi,Okonomiyaki,Yakisoba
and Takoyaki (they are my essential food in my life!) Sake,swimming,birdwatching, star watching ,fishing ,swimming, anything I feel curious about.

I’d like to make you feel happy and excited with my original travel plan.

Looking forward to seeing you! Finally let me give you my favorite phrase quoted from the Bible;”Do What You Like Them to Do to You (Luke6:31)”.

Of course, this is my basic spirit as a your tour guide,too.