Kawasaki motorcycle museum


kawasaki shinkansen

Kawasaki is well known for its motorcycle production, but not known as the Shinkansen maker.

A lot of owners of Kawasaki visit the museum.

Owners of Kawasaki visit the museum.

Kawasaki’s motor bike are not as popular as Honda’s and Yamaha’s but have very enthusiastic fans in Japan and overseas. Kawasaki Good Time World is the best spot for them to know the company’s productions and history. The main exhibitions are their motorbikes from old models to the latest Ninja. But there are also trains and helicopters made by Kawasaki which are displayed and allow visitors to get in. Kawasaki’s history dates back in 1896 as a ship building company in Kobe and a large part of their businesses still are heavy industry in general other than motor cycle. They make the Japanese high speed train Shinkansen as well.

In the same building, with the ticket to Kawasaki museum, you can visit the Kobe Maritime Museum as well, where a lot of elaborate ship models are worth a look.

Museum’s website http://www.khi.co.jp/kawasakiworld/english/index.html