Sightseeing: Kyoto

kyo odori

Each spring the geisha community of Gion in Kyoto puts on a spectacular dance known as the Miyako Odori. Shows are held several times a day throughout April at the Gion Kobu Kaburenjo. Timed to coinci [...]

ukai uji

Ukai, a traditional fishing method using cormorant, is demonstrated to tourists during summer season. There are twelve such shows across Japan and you can enjoy two of them in Kyoto, one in Uji and th [...]

sakura cherry blossom

As of the end of April, cherry blossoms are gone in Kansai. Takahiro Bessho 別所隆弘さん(@takahiro_bessho)が投稿した写真 – 2016 3月 19 6:20午前 PDT Lake Biwa Canal and Keage Incline, Keage Higashiyama, Kyoto La [...]

kyoto gosho

The Kyoto Imperial Palace (Kyoto Gosho) and nearby Nijo-Jo Castle are well worth a visit. While the Palace is an elegant complex, Nijo-Jo is an imposing construction, reflecting the lifestyle of power [...]

fushimi inari torii

A shinto shrine, Fushimi Inari is unique, magical and highly recommended. Behind the vast central complex, thousands of gaudily colored torii gates snake upwards in crisscrossing paths over heavily wo [...]

Kyoto City Bus

kyoto city bus

The City bus is the most commonly used transportation in Kyoto. It’s convenient for the locals to commute and for tourist to visit almost all major temples and shrines in the city. With the One- [...]

The fire safety charm is printed "Hi-no-yo-jin" or "Be careful with fire", which costs 500 yen.

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gion matsuri yoiyama

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kyoto cycling

Spring and autumn are good seasons for a bicycle tour. Cycling in Kyoto is fun, but the traffic environment is not good for cyclists particularly in the east downtown and Higashiyama tourist district. [...]

aoi matsuri

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