Sightseeing: Osaka

Sumo wrestlers exercise in the morning at each clan’s house and some clans allow visitors to enter the house. In the fourth week in February, the sumo clans move to Osaka and wrestlers can be spotted […]

Sumo, it is a simple form of wrestling in which two contestants grapple with each other wearing nothing but a mawashi loincloth. A wrestler wins a bout by forcing his opponent out of the ring, or by m […]

Bunraku is a classic theatrical art using puppets. A half life-sized puppet with elaborate costume is manipulated by three puppeteers to make a fluid move and express amazingly various emotions of a c […]

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I don’t really enjoy just seeing old temples and shrines but shopping in temple’s market is really fun. There are three major outdoor markets in Kansai which are held monthly at the temple […]

Most visitors flock to the ubiquitous malls and stalls found around the main tourist traps. Here, the usual selection of postcards, keyrings, and plastic Samurai swords are found in abundance. Such it […]

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Suntory Yamazaki Destillery is one of the biggest whiskey factory in Japan, and is located in Shimamoto-cho, Osaka, where is located along the border betweeen Osaka and Kyoto. The destillery is locate […]

Osaka half day


Osaka is not very popular with tourists because they think it’s just another modern city after Tokyo. In fact, you only see concrete buildings from the Osaka station. But it’s worth at lea […]