Sightseeing List

At 3911 meters in length, the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge is the longest (as well as tallest) suspension bridge in the world. Located just west of Kobe in Hyogo prefecture, the bridge spans the picturesque A […]

The Kyoto Imperial Palace (Kyoto Gosho) and nearby Nijo-Jo Castle are well worth a visit. While the Palace is an elegant complex, Nijo-Jo is an imposing construction, reflecting the lifestyle of power […]

Most temples, gardens, and parks in Kyoto have deciduous trees which have beautiful colors in late November. There is no particular place to enjoy Autumn leaves viewing, but some sites are very popula […]

Each spring the geisha community of Gion in Kyoto puts on a spectacular dance known as the Miyako Odori. Shows are held several times a day throughout April at the Gion Kobu Kaburenjo. Timed to coinci […]

Sumo, it is a simple form of wrestling in which two contestants grapple with each other wearing nothing but a mawashi loincloth. A wrestler wins a bout by forcing his opponent out of the ring, or by m […]

Trains are not very convenient for sightseeing in Kyoto city. Two lines of the City Subway, JR, and several other local lines are operated by different companies, so they aren’t connected each o […]

Seishun Juhachi Pass allows five days unlimited use of local train (not express) for the nationwide network of Japan Railways. This is sold both to Japanese and foreign visitors. Five days validity ca […]

Located in the mountain, miles away to the northeast from Kyoto city, Enryakuji is a quiet Buddhist temple. You take the cable car to go up the mountain and feel the temperature lower by a few degrees […]

There are thousands of sake breweries in Japan and each one has its unique taste and flavor which derives from the local rice and water. Among them, Nada district of Kobe has about 40 breweries and pr […]

Kawasaki’s motor bike are not as popular as Honda’s and Yamaha’s but have very enthusiastic fans in Japan and overseas. Kawasaki Good Time World is the best spot for them to know the company’s product […]